Remnant Sale!!! Frame Molding, Matboards, Artwork and Digital Photo Frames Priced To Move!


Our Remnant Sale is this Saturday, November 3rd, from 10am – 2pm.

Come check out our selection of digital photo frames. Great for holiday gifts!

PAN7000DW        7” 800X600 DPF/FRAMED/DUAL SHUTTER $70
PAN7000DW       7” 800X600 DPF $50
PAN7000DW        7” 800X600 DPF $50
PAN1002W02T    10” 1024X768 DPF $85
PAN1002W02T    10” 1024X768 DPF $85
PAN1002W02T    10” 1024X768 DPF $85
PAN1201W02    12” 1024X768 DPF/FRAMED/SINGLE SHUTTER $120
PAN1201W02    12” DPF 800X600 $96
PAN1201W02    12” DPF 800X600 $96


Excess Molding


In addition to our digital photo frames, we also have a wide variety of excess molding, matboard, and clearance finished pieces. Come out Saturday and enjoy some refreshments while you peruse our excess inventory!



Cut Molding Bundles

Excess Matboard

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