How Do You Design On A Dime?


This post was written by Eric Martin Schmidt, one of the owner/operators of Art Source & Design in Kansas City.

Using Existing Artwork Or Framing Is An Easy Way To Design On A Dime

You don’t always have to get brand new
art pieces to liven up your living space.

Try using what you already have around:

  • An image that you really like but maybe the matting just needs to be updated
  • Or a frame you really like but maybe find a new print
  • Keepsakes that could be made into a special shadowbox
  • Memorabilia of a loved one, an old photo or memento

This is a great way to save money, but can completely change the look of your home or office.

Also, don’t forget about reusing old frames. The frame is often times the most expensive part of a framing project. Designing on a dime doesn’t mean it has to look cheap. Have a vision and go to a professional to help you see it through.

Old frames are hiding everywhere:Redecorate on a budget

  • In the basement next to the bread maker you thought you would use all the time.
  • At good will stores – people donate stuff all the time just because they don’t like the image, but the frame is just fine.
  • Your favorite frame shop has extra stock material, and if you let them know you are on a budget they should be happy to show you stuff that is economical.

Redecorating is fun and can completely change the energy in a space. Peace brothas and sistas.

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