How to Build an Artist Website in 10 Minutes

The abundant artist is a website that offers free articles, videos, and podcasts that are designed to help artists build a better artist website, sell your work online, effectively market with social media, design your own ideal lifestyle, become more business savvy, and find the right community that will help you grow as an artist. I love this site. After graduating from art school I was left with an overwhelming feeling that while I had the tools to be a thoughtful and confident artist I had no clue how to actually take what I did with my soul and turn it into a business. Business and “soul work” were two completely opposite ideas for me. I knew how to think, to analyze and research my ideas, and create work that conveyed my ideas thoroughly and completely, but I didn’t know how to sell myself. This website is genius! It allows me to still be the artist I want to be while teaching me how to actually make a living doing what I love.

This is a great video from the abundant artist that shows how to build an artist website in 10 minutes. A website can mean the difference from total oblivion and actually being noticed by the public.

Hope it helps you as much as it has helped me.
Desiree Riley

How to Build an Artist Website in 10 Minutes

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