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Modern Streets of an Ancient Empire | Angie Jennings, Photographer, Kansas City, MO |


Angie Jennings utilizes her photographic skills acquired over 20 years in various styles of the photographic medium to depict stories in a single image or series. Her images are a combination of digital, film and photogravure. She has exhibited nationally as well as internationally, Oregon, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Beijing.

Modern Streets of an Ancient Empire is an ongoing project that studies the dichotomy of China and its ever-increasing modernity crossing over, sometimes, burying the great history of this most ancient country. These images are a culmination of my travels to China in 2003 and 2010. I was amazed at how much the cities have changed yet deep under the fa├žade of empty construction they still hint at their history.

I enjoy the frenetic energy of the big cities, yet, like my personal life, I seem to find the solitude amongst the cacophony of this overpopulated country. I never seem to feel crowded or claustrophobic as one might think. Many Chinese seem to find a spot that is just theirs for that one moment, to sit and reflect. So, I separate them from the crowd that is standing behind me.

To emphasize these differences and sameness, I utilize three different mediums. The oldest medium of the three is the photogravure. Burning an image onto a copper plate, inking it, and finally pulling it through a press make a photogravure. Thus pressing the ink into the paper. Use of paper and ink assist in the aged look thereby enhancing the mood and confuse the time period. I then move into traditional silver gelatin fiber base prints, and finally digital archival inkjet.



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