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Claudia True | AS & D honored to showcase Claudia’s work from March 16th through June 15th, 2015

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Artist Claudia True

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Claudia True’s art is a visual feast of color and fun! Her paintings are about loving life and finding joy.

Claudia has been a professional artist for 16 years. Her past career included extensive travel as a geologist. Her work is influenced by time spent outdoors in the spectacular southwestern United States and parts of Mexico and Indonesia – learning from the earth and connecting with its unspoiled beauty.

Colors and subjects in Claudia’s work are influenced by her youth in South Texas and the strong Mexican culture, and years living in the amazing sunshine of California! Her bright flowers and landscapes reflect these magical memories.

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And now – living in Kansas – the influences of nature continue. The oh-so-colorful birds, butterflies, flowers and vegetables in her yard find their way into Claudia’s whimsical art.

Claudia combines her two passions – painting and cooking – in an annual art and food calendar. Each month features a friend’s family-favorite recipe brought to life in story and a painting by Claudia. These calendars are collectable and provide art and recipes for years to come. Claudia’s line of critter and food art originated with this calendar project.

Prior to moving to Kansas City in 2007, Claudia owned galleries and studios in Bakersfield, California. Now she works in her home studio and teaches private lessons as well as workshops in California. She loves to teach and share the joy of painting with others and to help them develop their own creative spirit.

Life’s an adventure! With Claudia’s paintings, she shares some of that adventure and love of life – from a tiny bird to a magnificent landscape.

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5” x 7” ac/gwc

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5x7” ac/gwc

5” x 7” ac/gwc

True_Claudia_Little Yellow Bird and Flowers_EX_3_15

18 x 24 ac/paper - $500 unframed/unmatted

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16" x 20" acrylic gw canvas - $450

18" x 24" acrylic on gw canvas - black frame - $650 - at Ice House Gallery

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18 x 24 ac/gwc - $625

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True_Claudia_Tall Chunky FLowers II_EX_3_15

Additional biographical info:

Claudia painted extensively as a young child, and had several years of private art lessons. Then “life” happened. She majored in geology at Trinity University in San Antonio, Tx and got an MBA in geology at Penn State University – and had a full career as a geologist and manager, primarily in the petroleum industry. Claudia took an early retirement to pursue her passion of painting. Art training consisted of many art classes and workshops – plus wonderful life experiences!

For almost 10 years, Claudia had studios and art galleries in Bakersfield, Ca where she taught classes, painted and mentored new artists. Her art is in corporate and private collections throughout the United States. She’s received many awards for her art and has exhibited extensively both in one-woman and group shows. Prior to leaving California, she was honored with “Claudia True Day in Bakersfield, in recognition of her dedication, commitment and contributions to the arts.”

True_Claudia_Three Blue Birds on a Tree_EX_3_15

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