Karen Steen

Karen Steen | Art Source proud to showcase fantastic art by an inspirational artist

Original art, leawood ks art gallery

“Aquaculture” | velum, tissue paper, colored pencil | 14 x 14 | $800

Karen’s Website | Come see all of Karen’s amazing work at Art Source all through April and May 2015

fine art, overland park ks art gallery

“Collection” | Strathmore Paper | 9 x 9 | $900

Every Third Thursday from 4:30-8 pm Art Source hosts a reception where you can meet the artists and view their amazing work.
abstract original art, kansas city artists

“Connections” | mat board and eyelettes | 18 x 14 | $350

“At it’s core, my work is about organic forms and their relationships. I reference the intricate and dynamic nature of life – its small parts, interconnections, diversity, rhythms, cycles, and energy. Themes of repetition and novelty, features of the biological world, are an undercurrent in all of my art.

A critical part of my creative process is arrangement and assembly. Decisions about placement, attachment and construction are endlessly fascinating. As in the web of life, where organization is constantly in flux, I feel compelled to put diverse and evolving elements in order.

The relief sculptures and collages are made with a variety of cut papers, acrylic and thin plywood. Plants, microscopic life, zoology, and human anatomy inspire the shapes and images I incorporate into the collages and reliefs.”  – Karen Steen

picture framing, fine art kansas city

“Jumble” | matte board and pastel | 10.5 x 11 | $350

local kansas city art, frame shop leawood ks

“Permaculture” | colored vellum, tissue paper, colored pencil | 14 x 14 | $800

how to picture frame fine art

“Symbiotic Dance” | colored vellum, tissue paper, mesh, colored pencil | 9 x 9 | $500

best picture framing overland park ks

“Trophic System” | colored vellum, tissue paper, colored pencil | 14 x 14 | $800

custom framing leawood ks

“Rhythm in White” | cut paper and pastel on illustration board | 24 x 24 | $800

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