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Leawood Custom Framing

Add new life to cherished family memories.

It is amazing what the right design can do!  A change in color and layout along with adding fillets for depth changed the whole look of this project and gave it a more modern and classic appearance.  Check out the before and after of this project by visiting our “Framed Examples” page.

Leawood Custom Framing

Handmade Scarf From Ghana

This customer decided to bring new life to a handmade scarf as a gift.  The scarf was made by villagers in Ghana in thanks for providing free medical services and fresh water wells as part of Project CURA.  See the before and after of this project by visiting our “Framed Examples” page.

Overland Park Frame Shop

Royals fan uses custom framing to highlight a personalized poster.

With an autographed poster and personalized note from the team in tow, this customer worked with our designers to create a custom frame package to highlight the personalized details.  A multiple opening mat and simple frame captures wonderful detail with timeless, clean design.

Leawood Custom Frame Shop

Preserve a piece of family history.

Think outside of the box.  Framing isn’t only for displaying prints and paintings, it can also be a great way to showcase a beautiful silk scarf with family history.  This TWA scarf belonged to the customer’s mother who was a flight attendant.  We added the drop in the mat to display the metal pins, sometimes the littlest details can make a world of difference.

Leawood Custom Picture Framing

Use custom framing to commemorate and preserve photographs of your special moments.

This customer brought in her wedding portrait for touch-ups and a new frame.  After a careful cleaning the piece looks brand new and is now preserved for years to come!  Consider giving your wedding photographs an upgrade as an anniversary gift.  Our designers will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind, finished product that you can enjoy as long as you both shall live!

Shawnee Custom Frame Shop

Start your art collection today by taking cues from this young investor!

This happy client chose to begin investing in art when he fell in love with original works he found online.  Purchased through Etsy, these two paintings arrived unstretched and without frames.  He asked us to complete the presentations for a dramatic addition to his contemporary home.  Using floater frames for these pieces allows the viewer to appreciate the edges of the canvas.

Purchasing original works online is a great way to begin your art collecting career.  Art Source & Design will help you chose unique framing that accents your artwork. We also have a wide variety of works available as fine art giclees, printed in limited edition, by our very own Eric Martin Schmidt.

Leawood Custom Frame Shop

A great framed shadowbox for a local Kansas City company.

A custom shadowbox is a unique way to display your company’s products.  It also makes a great keepsake for retiring employees.  This shadowbox has a rich background color with custom mounts and brass plates.  Check out our “Framed Examples” page for another version of this shadowbox with custom etched glass that displays the company’s name.

Overland Park Custom Picture Framing

A pop of color and simple frames are a perfect way to highlight vintage calendars.

Keep sets cohesive by using the same frame and changing out the mat color.  Our designers can help you pick colors that emphasize your piece and complete the presentation.  Vintage calendars make unique statement pieces and are a fun alternative to prints and posters.

Leawood Custom Frame Shop

Highlight unique original artwork with simple framing.

This budding young artist created vibrant original paintings on canvas!  She chose to highlight her work with simple, yet elegant frames.  This is an example of two ways to frame a canvas painting.  The piece on the left brings out the lighter tones in the painting and covers the canvas edges.  The piece on the right uses a simple floater frame and allows the view to see the canvas edges.

Leawood Custom Frame Shop

Framed sports memorabilia makes a great gift!

Commemorate your favorite sports team or player by framing team flags, jerseys, signed photographs, or even equipment!  Sports memorabilia makes a perfect gift for the sports fan in your life.  See “Framed Examples” for more ideas.

Leawood Custom Picture Framing

Check out this specialty framing – glass on glass sandwich.

We have done this technique before but the subject matter was not as interesting as this project. This technique has no matting but still creates a visual space between the subject matter and the frame.

  • This technique involves using two pieces of glass with the item in between.
  • However, you can’t just sandwich the items, because it’s never a good idea to have your art touching the glass.
  • We address this by creating space between the two pieces of conservation glass.

Think of a special occasion or event you attended and how nice it would be to use this technique to preserve that memory.

Leawood Custom Frame Shop

The end result is a very unique and clean look that showcases the items brilliantly.

Overland Park Custom Framing

Satisfied client frames family history.

One of our clients picked up his framing recently and was thrilled with the result.  The photographs show family members and the different hardware stores they owned around Kansas.  A subtly aged and distressed frame with a simple same-color double mat was the perfect accent to the old photographs.  Finally, of course, all conservation materials made this an investment his great grandchildren can enjoy!!

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