Sales Reps

Thank you for your interest in being an independently contracted sales representative with Art Source & Design.

We are eager to connect with enthusiastic individuals who share our interest in this industry.

This might be the start of an exciting partnership!!!

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Who is Art Source & Design?

    • Art Source & Design is an art gallery and custom framing business that has been operating in Kansas City since 1994.
    • For twenty years we were located at 73rd and Quivira in Shawnee and recently moved our store to the Northeast corner of 135th and Metcalf in Overland Park.
    • We are family-owned by father and son, Hal and Eric Schmidt, who purchased the business in 2005 from the previous owner that opened the business in ’94.
    • We pride ourselves on being some of the best framers in the city and providing a very high level of quality and service.
    • Our move to the new location is very exciting and we are looking for representatives to spread the word with the community and generate revenue.

What is the job?

  • The job is to be an independently contracted sales representative for Art Source & Design and generate revenue. This will be achieved by contacting people in the KC community that might be in need of custom framing, art and related services and products. Simple terms: You are an independent rep for our business, you find people that need our product or service and help convert them into a client that does business with Art Source & Design.

What is the pay?

  • The pay is 100% commission based.
  • You get paid when you generate revenue for our company.
  • More details about the exact commission structure are available once we have reviewed your application information.

What is the schedule or time commitment?

  • This is probably the most appealing aspect of this position for some people.
  • Your schedule, time commitment, and consequently how much money you earn is entirely up to you.
  • The number of hours you work per week is entirely up to you.

What are some advantages to working as a sales rep for AS & D?300_billboard

  • The art and framing business is what we like to call a “happy business.” People like to talk about art and care about what goes on their walls. (Not like say the muffler or medical equipment business)
  • Kansas City and surrounding areas are a large untapped market that has huge potential. Most of our competitors do very little to pursue the leads you will be pursuing. It is NOT a saturated environment.
  • As mentioned above, a flexible schedule that you are in charge of.
  • AS & D has a great reputation of service and quality and is family owned. People today greatly appreciate all of these qualities.

I am interested in learning more about being a sales representative for Art Source & Design, what do I do now? How do I get the password to the “Level 1 – Introduction” page?

  • Send us an email to with “Sales Rep Resume” in the subject line.
  • In the email please include contact information, resume and a cover letter expressing anything you feel we should consider.
  • IMPORTANT!!You must copy and past the following language into your email or you will not be considered for the position: I, insert name here, agree not to share any details or intellectual property with any persons at any time learned in the process of exploring the independent sales representative position with Art Source & Design. 
  • Once we receive your information via email, if we are currently considering hiring new individuals and would like to proceed to the next level of consideration with you, we will send you an email with a password to access the “Level 1 – Introduction” page on this site.300_question
  • This page will tell you more about what the position entails,what is involved in the application process and instructions on how to proceed.
  • If we send you the password for the Level 1 page, review all the information on that page, and let us know if you would still like to be considered.

Why all the “password protected” mumbo-jumbo, lawyer lingo and intense screening of applicants?

  • Our industry is highly competitive and it has taken us a long time to learn how to approach the different aspects of our business.
  • Thank you for understanding that we don’t want to broadcast the amount of money you might be making, the details of your potential future job or the intellectual property of how we run our business.
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